Ruin Luciano is a company that operates within the Fruit and Vegetable Market of Lusia, in the province of Rovigo, active in the marketing and distribution of local horticultural products since 1955.

The company’s goal is to guarantee the quality and freshness of the products with the full satisfaction of our customers: for this reason, we embarked on the long certification process that has led us to obtain a quality management system compliant with Uni EN ISO 9001 for the marketed products.

We are equipped with 2 cold rooms, which guarantee the cold chain with a capacity of about 100 platforms, a sales area of ​​about 850 square metres, and also guaranteeing the logistics service through the Facchini coop, we are the commercial reference point for many agricultural manufacturers in the province of Rovigo, Padua and Verona with which we have a special relationship

Our commercial proposal is mainly aimed at buyers of DO and GDO, wholesalers and distributors, both in Italy and abroad.

Historical photos of the Ruin Luciano company of the Fruit and Vegetable Market of Lusia.